Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Tour: Week 3 Begins

Back on it. We're driving through Atlanta right now. Joe and I spent some time writing as we barreled down I-75. I think it's time for bed. We are heading to Florida. I'm having a great time on this tour. I wasn't sure if I would or not. I tend to prefer my comforts, but I can roll with the punches pretty well, too. I've had the chance to meet some awesome people and hear some amazing stories these past two weeks. I look forward to these final five.

I've got some really sweet news about my Mom. A week ago Sunday she played piano at church for the first time in several months. She has been going through Chemo treatments ever since she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The chemo has been very effective, and playing at church was a special blessing for her and my Dad. I imagine it's been decades since she has missed church or playing at church that many weeks in a row. I just had to tell you, it was so sweet to hear that.

On a lighter note. I'm typing this blog on my recently repaired macbook pro. My keyboard and trackpad went out. I was lost for a week or so. I managed okay, I 0nly missed a couple things, which is not bad for me. : ) I have enjoyed my mac ever since I got it and I was quite impressed with the timely and easy repair. I hope to keep everyone updated more often now.

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