Friday, April 11, 2008

Good morning! It's Cold in Florida.

Good morning! I wish I was on the roof of the bus. It's cold. Real cold. And we're in Florida. So, I'm up because I can't sleep. So here's what I'm doing. And, I just wanted you to see this hot mirror. This flugelhorned mirror really makes me feel like a musician!

I saw a great movie the other day, twice actually. I did not realize "Dan in Real Life" was a chic flick, so I popped it in on the ride home. Some of the other guys and I watched it. I got done with it and said, "Well I guess I'm gonna have to watch that with Emily, but I don't mind it was good." Well, we get home and she wants to rent a movie. I could feel it coming before she said're right...she wanted to see "Dan in Real Life." So I decided not to tell her I'd seen it just to be a nice husband for a day. We went and got it and watched it the next day or so. It was good...again. We both really like the movie. It is well acted and not as forgettable as most movies like it. Steve Carell just cracks me up.

Well I'm gonna go buy some gloves, a ski mask, a scarf, electric socks, electric blanket and hope I can sleep tonight.


Cindy said...

Hi, Daniel!
Saw you in concert last night at Northland Community Church. Just wanted to say that the lyric,"to foolishly follow Jesus" bothered me. To follow Jesus is NOT foolish! Indeed, it is foolish NOT TO FOLLOW Jesus, but then none of us have the understanding, knowledge or grace unless God shows us this truth.Hope you tweak your lyrics a bit to honor Him more!
I can see you are a very young man who has a heart for Christ,though. Life does teach much about adversity, the way God redeems suffering by growing us and stretching our faith.
He's brought me through more storms than I ever dreamed possible at 53 years. Only God knows what else He has ahead for any of us. He did mercifully warn me 20 + years ago during worship that He was going to take me through rough times to demonstrate that my faith did not depend on my circumstances. Amazing why He did this, but it helped through the storms, knowing He was bringing to pass His warning and exhortation to trust Him through it all.
May the Lord bless you and your wife with a child in His timing as you continue to grow in grace and understanding.
Because of Christ,

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I caught DDB in Mount Vernon, IL last weekend and absolutely loved it! Glad you got to hear them as well.

I know Daniel doesn't need me to defend his songs, but it seems you missed the whole point of the lyric. It's about following God and trusting Him no matter the circumstances, no matter what we're going through. To many that seems foolish, but we know the truth. Foolishly following Jesus is a powerful way to communicate our walk of faith.

Daniel, hope things are going well on the tour. Your music inspires a lot of folks and beautifully expresses the glory of the kingdom. May God continue to inspire your writing and performing. Hope Emily is doing well. Denny's was fun. It was nice spending a few minutes with y'all. Ben says hi.

Brad Giddens

tonya said...

Hi Daniel (Emily too)!
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you all. We have been going to Grace since the first part of January. We looked forward to listening to you every Sunday morning. Now we miss you! We listen to the CD almost 24/7. We have a CD every place, even in our camper that we keep at Piney. All 3 of our kids talk about you constantly. Even our youngest (she's 4) can sing almost all your songs. I guess you can say we are the biggest fans! HA! I enjoy reading your journals. You all take care!

amy c said...

Hi Guys!
I was at your concert in Binghamton NY on March 30th. What a great concert. I went home and pulled up your website and listen to some of your music. I kicked myself that I didn't buy your CD at the concert. So I went on Amazon and bought one. I absolutely love the CD. It has become my current favorite. I not that tech savy so now I have to figure out how to get it onto my mp3 player. That way I can listen to you along with Avalon, and Casting Crowns while I work out. I think God has great plans for your band and your music. I hope to see you again in concert. Take care and enjoy your tour!!

leo said...

WELL hey now...Daniel!!! HEEEYYY Daniel!! wuz up Daniel..I just wanted to say HEYYY!!! Listen! Good news! you are $10.00 bucks closer to building that inground pool! CUZ I bought a CD for my pastor friend! Now please dont Thank me bro! Its the least I can do!..I guess Its time to say something cool about Daniel..LOl (it is his blog you know) This dude sings Jesus from the heart YO! straight up! DAWG YEAH!! (Quote from Randy Jackson from the american idol)

good luck guessing who this is..

To the DDB