Friday, December 12, 2008

Song preferences

Tuesday night in our Starting Point group that meets at our house the subject of songs on Sunday morning came up. I don't remember how it started, but someone brought up the song "You Lifted Me Out" - specifically the "Whoa" part that is sung as part of the intro and outro. It was mentioned that it is awkward and no one knows what to do during it, but they liked the rest of the song. The room was immediately divided- in a good way- it was a lighthearted discussion- many laughs. Some liked the "whoa" some didn't. It was funny though everyone just started talking about their favorite song, or un-favorite song and everyone was going back and forth. Some really liked when we did the acoustic and bluegrass type music, some like the more hymn-like songs and some like the rocking stuff. I just sat back and observed with a grin on my face, trying to take it all in.

It's funny the lengths we go to to please people, and many times it's a good thing that we try too. I've heard things like (and probably said before) that we are there to please God, not people. But I've not seen the play-list on God's ipod :), so I'm not sure what He would prefer when it comes to song selection or style. (I am certain it's an ipod He carries, though) I got a feeling He would pick music that would turn people's hearts to him and truth that needs to be in our lives, whatever it sounds like. Music changes, truth doesn't. If fifty years from now Grace Community sounds the same as it did this past Sunday, there's a big problem. Although I think the music we currently do week in and week out consists of the style and lyric that will best reach the people of Clarksville we are reaching, I'm not naive enough to think it will never change. It will, and it should. But let's do our best to keep it fun when we talk about it. (Like this past Tuesday) Music is a tool, not truth. Truth is truth, it does not have a frequency only a constant existence. I wish we could have continued our conversation in our group, it's good to get candid feedback about what we do from the stage. But we did have some material to discuss as a part of our group. I'm sure it will come up in the future and I look forward to hearing how people are responding to the music and lyrics used at Grace.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One extra will you spend it?

Check this out!

Guess what!? We get one extra second this year, I did not realize it. I feel kind of jipped, would I have lived this year differently had I known I had more time in this year? I've heard people ask for an extra hour in their day, well for this one day you will get an extra second...spend wisely my friend.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's been a year!

One year ago my Mom found out she had stage four cancer. Her doctor gave her two options: do nothing and let the cancer take it's course or try chemo. Chemotherapy had not been very successful for treating her types of cancer, so they were not sure if it would work or not. As a result the option for not doing anything was a viable one. Fortunately she decided to fight it. She began chemo treatments soon after the diagnosis. Unsure if they would work or not we were on pins and needles with each check-up.

Long story short...The treatments have worked and she had a check-up last week that showed that the tumors have not grown any since they were shrunk earlier this year. Her next check-up is in four months!

For those of you who have been praying for her and us...thank you. Recently our family got together to sing, it was special because she was able to play the piano. You can see she is getting her hair back. It's hard to get us all together these days, but we could not pass up this opportunity with Mom working so hard to get ready for this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today in staff our website came up in the discussion. For those of you that don't know, I'm on staff at Grace Community Church of Clarksville, TN. Our website is:

Our site is pretty sweet for a church site (sad to say). But we try to stay on top of things here at Grace and discussed what is currently on there, what we need to update, what works, what doesn't, etc. Anyway, it got me thinking about different sites- how some sites just pop and how some sites simply don't. There always seems to be an 'X' factor to those that grab you. This is usually something only a great designer can create. But then you've got the content that needs to be injected to give it a soul. Below I've listed some sites I use regulary, mainly due to their content, not design. A designer I dig is Pixel Peach - go check them out. They do sites that pop for sure, but I usually use sites that give me good content.

Anyway- I'm curious to know some of your favorite sites --- and why.

Here are some of mine:
Yahoo -- I check out the latest news and link to my fantasy football team there : )
Google -- I have a few different gmail accounts I use- they have some great tools from google docs to their awesome gmail features.
Drudge Report -- I go there to check out just a mass of news and links to news sites
Worship Together -- other than being my publisher I'll go here to check out the latest worship offerings.
Album Art -- I use this site to find the album art that itunes can't find for me.
Rhymezone -- a good songwriting tool I use to get me out of writing jams.
Stumbleupon -- if you are just looking for some random cool sites, sign up for stubleupon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Money in my pocket!

Well, I have to say I am pleased with the recent price drop in gas. I'm compelled to point this out though, I read today in the news about oil dropping even more-- that's a good thing right? Well, it seems to spell gloom and doom for this reporter:

If I remember correctly gas prices ROSE because the economy was doing so poorly, now they're DROPPING because it's doing so poorly. I'm sure there's a ton of technical/factual stuff wrong with that statement, but either way-that makes me laugh.

Two good things I'd like to report here:
1. I actually blogged. : ) Sorry it's been a while.
2. I filled up my gas tank for $43 yesterday! (This summer we had to swipe the card twice per fill up in the truck because it would only let us pump $75 at a time. We regularly put $85 in it. Same tank, same amount of gas, much less $ going in to it. So, if there is anything positive coming out of this economic "slump" or whatever the media decides to call it, at least gas is back to $2 a gallon...for now : ) Go fill'er up!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why we do...

The question of why we do what we do was answered September 14th. Just a few weeks ago 43 people were baptized at Grace. It marked the 3 year anniversary of the launch of GCC. Here is a link to pictures from the day.

There are defining moments in life, this day was one of them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just As I Am

Yesterday Higdon and I were planning the service when the idea of using an old invitation hymn came up. Of all the great ones, "Just As I Am" stands out. It was made popular in our generation during the Billy Graham crusades. So we started thinking through how we would do it. We don't usually us a traditional instrumentation in our services, so we were thinking of how we could make it work with our set-up. Anyway- yesterday and today the song has been on my mind and heart and hopefully this Sunday we'll have something that should sound pretty fresh, maybe even a new chorus or something. The history of the song is interesting. Here is a brief story I took from the wiki entry:

An elderly man asked Charlotte Elliott if she were a Christian; she felt insulted, and told him to mind his own affairs. But after the man left, she could not get the question off her mind, and she went back to ask the man how to find Christ. He told her to come just as she was. She did, and wrote the beautiful song, "Just As I Am." - By B. A. Scherr