Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tour pics

Today is an off day. We are hanging out in Charlotte, NC. It's been a relaxing day just hanging out. We are staying in some suites that have a kitchen, so we enlisted Joe to cook. He's our resident cook- a very good one. I love watching Joe get tunnel vision when we starts to cook. Apart from playing drums I've never seen him so focused for so long... : ) We walked to Harris Teeter and got all the groceries we needed and he is now fixing our dinner. I think our whole bus will be dining together, 12 of us.

I took some pics before a recent concert...

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CATT716 said...

Hey Daniel...guess your days are beginning to run together. You were in Hanahan,SC on Tuesday, the 15th. I was there. I was hoping to get to meet you guys after and have you sign my CD. Oh well, maybe next time. I headed to NY the next day to attend my aunt's funeral (who had won the ultimate victory over breast cancer) and your CD brought me (and my mom) so much joy and encouragement...especially "Hold on." Praying for you guys. You have an awesome gift and talent...continue to bring Him glory and you will be blessed!
Thanks so much for blessing me!
Cathy B., Hanahan, SC