Monday, April 28, 2008

In Case You Missed It!

Hey Everyone, due to some blogspot issues we had to create a new blog right after the first post. As a result the first post is not on this blogspot. So, this is the post from March 17, soon after the CD released. case you missed it.

The CD release concert was exciting! We had a ton of friends and family come out. We kicked it off with a worship set- featuring some of our congregational tunes from the record. Then we had an acoustic set where Richard Davis and Alison McKelvey joined us on strings. Ron and Chad came out and prayed for us. I got to share for the first time about World Vision and how we have recently partnered with them. Then we closed with "Love Like Rain" and "Blessed is the One". Here are some pics from the event. The black and white photo is backstage with our pastors, musicians, and production people- what a great team!

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Graphic Artist said...

I have only listened to two of your songs, but have to say, that I fall into serious worship when listening to them. Sing your name and the other one on the radio(sorry I forgot the name) Anyway, keep up with what your doing. Your touching hundreds to thousands of lives out there, including me. God Bless,