Friday, April 25, 2008

Mom and Fredericktown

Tonight was special, mom was there. We were in Fredericktown, MO and had some friends up from the area as well. I was born only an hour away in Cape Girardeau and lived there till I was four. The only people I remember are those my parents have stayed in touch with over the years. After the show, those that came were standing together with the band and I was able to get a picture real quick.

Many of you have been praying for my mom, well the most recent report (yesterday) was that the tumors have shrunk just a bit more. They have shrunk 96% total from their original size! The treatment has been tough on Mom and they are giving her a break from treatments for a couple of weeks. Please continue to pray for her.

There's a song we do each night called "Blessed is the One." It is track 5 on the record and our favorite tune as a band. The bridge of the song says "I will trust You in the pain, when I can't see past today. When it's hard to life my hands to praise You, I will trust You." Dad has quoted that line in Mom's caringbridge blog. It is a prayer they have to pray too often these days. It was tough to sing it tonight, with them being there and all. I am inspired by my parent's faith as they weather this storm.

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Freddy T. Wyatt said...

Prayin for your mom! Elwood looks so cool in his DD tee-shirts! Rock on DDB!