Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Beach

We got a chance to hit the beach one afternoon. We usually arrive at venues in the mornings. The band goes and gets ready for the evening. On rare occasions we get enough free time coupled with a local attraction to have a fun afternoon. On this day you see- we found the beach for a couple hours- thanks to some great new friends in Shallotte, NC! You might be wondering who the fourth guy in the photo with the band is...well, it's our friend David Browning. He is the music director for the tour. Bryan couldn't make it to the beach that day.

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Misti said...

Allow me to be the first to comment on "the beach"! What a blessing it was to spend the afternoon with you all, hearing of the amazing ways God is using you all to share HIS LIGHT and HIS LIFE with those on your journey! You guys are AWESOME and we are keeping up with your journeys and praying for you along the way. I do hope our paths cross again - -but until then, keep shining bright for Jesus!

Beach Blessings,
Misti & Dwayne