Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Image is everything!

Humanity...We try so hard to look good, sound good, and put our best foot forward. While I believe we should do all we can to become the best we can be, it's interesting the lengths we will go through to be 'perfect.'

We have all heard about the Olympic opening ceremony fireworks, and I'm actually cool with why they did that. They wanted to create digitally on home TV screens the grand experience that the camera's simply could not capture.

But, I'm not really cool with this. I'm not trying to point out the country or the leaders responsible, but to simply remind us of our human state. Who can blame them, their reasoning utilizes human wisdom. This whole thing reminds me of a song: "Video Killed the Radio Star".

Reality is that we are depraved and deep down we all know it, trying to fix it ourselves. This moment reminds me that we're all messed up and in desperate need of the saving blood of Messiah, Jesus.

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Chip said...

so true man. It seems like I'm always coming back to that last thought.