Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hold On

If you've been to one of our concerts or events you have probably heard us play "Hold On". Most of our record (Greater Than Us All) is us talking to or about God; it's mainly a worship album. However, "Hold On" is God talking to us. The song seemed rather simple when it was written, but the more I lived with it the more I realized that it was our Heavenly Father speaking to Emily and I about our struggle with infertility. We were in the middle of this continuing season and really needed some hope. It came through the song "Hold On."

It is kind of odd how the song came about: One day as I was dozing off on the couch a song I'd never heard before began playing in my head. Well, after I heard the chorus I woke up, went to the piano, and wrote out all I could remember. About 15 minutes later "Hold On" was almost completely finished. I've tried dozing off to write songs since then, but to no avail. :) I guess that was one unique moment.

I pray "Hold On" can offer some hope in your tough seasons of life.

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