Sunday, August 3, 2008

Citizen's arrest!

If you need to report a reckless driver call *847. We did this, for the first time in our lives. This guy in a green Ford F150 extended cab was flying up behind the person we were passing. At a reasonable speed, of course... : ) He then swerved behind us and was extremely close to us. We got over into the right lane, let him pass and then got his license plate number. He was soon out of site. We called it in and felt like we did our citizen's duty. We were told they were sending a patrol officer out to the area. We're pretty sure they did not catch the guy, I mean really, what are the chances. Anyhoo - beware, I've got the highway patrol on speed dial now!

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Emily Doss said...

You make this sound like it was a nice little passing escapade. This was super scary- and I really though he was going to hit us and that he didn't even care. He totally accelerated while we were in front of him and he had no where to go!!! Rahhh! So therefore I immediately called the cops....I really thought we were going to wreck. Anyway- I'm over it; in case you couldn't tell. :)