Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rehearsing and stuff

Tonight we had a great rehearsal. I like to say we're creating a community of worshiping musicians at GCC. To this point we are. I remember when Michael H. came on staff a year ago he was constantly amazed at the heart and talent we had on the team. I am amazed as well; from musicians to tech people our worship area is flooded with some awesome people.

What's funny is that we are a garage band-- we have rehearsed in 3 different garages since Grace started. We rehearsed in the upstairs of our church office for a while till we needed that area for office space as the staff grew. We've been in a basement as well. I guess whenever we build a rehearsal area at Grace it will need to have a concrete floor with a garage door on the end of it, otherwise we won't know what to do... : )

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tara said...

We are very greatful to those many hours spent in your garages. It certainly paid off!
We miss you guys when you are gone but understand that you have a greater mission, those of us left behind at GCC just want to ride on your coat tails and enjoy your ride. We love to see how far you have gone and will continue to go.
Blissings to you all and hugs to you and Emily.