Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My youth guy...

My friends and I were in eighth grade, on the church van looking out the window waiting to go to camp. We were watching our new "youth guy" walking to the van, he was going to camp with us. It turned out to be Jeff Jones, a guy who would make a huge impact on my life. That was a couple years ago...okay, five years ago, okay ten...more like 15 years ago. whoa!

Well, we were on our way to camp Walk on Water in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago to do a camp with Park Cities Baptist Church of Dallas, when we were planning to stop for dinner in Memphis. I called up Jeff, who is now the BCM director at Memphis State, and wanted to see if they were available to hang out as we passed through. The last minute meeting worked out and we got to visit with Jeff, his wife Jan and their four children: Emily, Caleb, Ellie, and Ensley.

oh yeah...we met at Taco Bell- one of DDB's favorites :)

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