Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Half-way Over!!!

Can you believe it? 2008 is over halfway over. What a crazy year this has been- on many fronts. DDB has had an exciting year; from about March to this past week we have been on the road alot. It's nice to be home for a while.

I met with some friends yesterday morning to work on a song for the next record. I can't wait to share the result, it's a hymn-like melody in the verses with a modern feel on the rest of the song. It is about redemption, I can't wait to hear the church sing it! Next record??? It will be a while for sure, not until 2009 is over halfway over :) ...nothing is certain though.

I hope your 2008 is going well, and that this back half is even better than the first one.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I am SO glad this year is 1/2 over... the first 1/2 has been filled with a lot of trials... which fortunately we can praise God for bringing us through. The second 1/2 just HAS to be better, and if not God will bring us through it again, but here's praying for a GREAT rest of 2008! Can't wait to hear your new music!

Chip said...

proud of you man! and a little jealous! honored to be linked to on your blog.