Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mayer Live

This isn't really a music journal, but I've got to tell you what I'm listening to. "Where the Light Is" by John Mayer is a fun listen! This dude is a freak musician. In a day when people ask where all the good music is, you'll find it on this live recording. It features an acoustic set, a Trio set, and then the full band set. It just came out a couple days ago- as soon as I heard about it I went to get the record. I am told you should get it exclusively from Target and get the DVD with it for cheaper than itunes. Anyway, if you like catchy tunes and some sweet jams- check it out. Especially the breakdown at the end of "Who do you think I was"- The bass line is ridiculous! If you liked "Try", you'll love this.

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Songbird said...

I totally agree! I love this cd! I wish I would have known about the target thing before I had bought it on itunes. Bummer.