Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today in staff our website came up in the discussion. For those of you that don't know, I'm on staff at Grace Community Church of Clarksville, TN. Our website is: www.gcomchurch.com

Our site is pretty sweet for a church site (sad to say). But we try to stay on top of things here at Grace and discussed what is currently on there, what we need to update, what works, what doesn't, etc. Anyway, it got me thinking about different sites- how some sites just pop and how some sites simply don't. There always seems to be an 'X' factor to those that grab you. This is usually something only a great designer can create. But then you've got the content that needs to be injected to give it a soul. Below I've listed some sites I use regulary, mainly due to their content, not design. A designer I dig is Pixel Peach - go check them out. They do sites that pop for sure, but I usually use sites that give me good content.

Anyway- I'm curious to know some of your favorite sites --- and why.

Here are some of mine:
Yahoo -- I check out the latest news and link to my fantasy football team there : )
Google -- I have a few different gmail accounts I use- they have some great tools from google docs to their awesome gmail features.
Drudge Report -- I go there to check out just a mass of news and links to news sites
Worship Together -- other than being my publisher I'll go here to check out the latest worship offerings.
Album Art -- I use this site to find the album art that itunes can't find for me.
Rhymezone -- a good songwriting tool I use to get me out of writing jams.
Stumbleupon -- if you are just looking for some random cool sites, sign up for stubleupon.


Emily Doss said...

i frequent these:

google.com/reader (manages blogs I read)
theleafchronicle.com (our local daily newspaper)
twitter.com (gives status updates)

Amanda said...

hellO????? Wikipedia!