Thursday, November 13, 2008

Money in my pocket!

Well, I have to say I am pleased with the recent price drop in gas. I'm compelled to point this out though, I read today in the news about oil dropping even more-- that's a good thing right? Well, it seems to spell gloom and doom for this reporter:

If I remember correctly gas prices ROSE because the economy was doing so poorly, now they're DROPPING because it's doing so poorly. I'm sure there's a ton of technical/factual stuff wrong with that statement, but either way-that makes me laugh.

Two good things I'd like to report here:
1. I actually blogged. : ) Sorry it's been a while.
2. I filled up my gas tank for $43 yesterday! (This summer we had to swipe the card twice per fill up in the truck because it would only let us pump $75 at a time. We regularly put $85 in it. Same tank, same amount of gas, much less $ going in to it. So, if there is anything positive coming out of this economic "slump" or whatever the media decides to call it, at least gas is back to $2 a gallon...for now : ) Go fill'er up!!!


Terrace Crawford said...

Hey Daniel!

Just ran across your blog here. Hope things are going well for you... Love your new music bro.

Amanda said...

1. Thank you for blogging again :)
2. Gas in Ohio was $1.47/gallon this morning and I filled up for only 20 dollars. It was awesome.