Sunday, June 8, 2008

Camp, West Coast, God Moments

Well, each summer ddb does some camps. They've been anywhere from Oklahoma to Virginia. Well this next week we are heading to Glorieta, New Mexico. Since we were so close to the west coast our management hooked us up to open for some Casting Crowns shows in California and Arizona.

We drove. All the way to California. It took a while. After our initial 40 hour drive to Fresno, CA, we drove about 7-8 hours each day to the next venue arriving by 3pm to set up and sound check. We would then play at 7pm or so, tear down, reload the trailer and go to the hotel. It made for a long day.

We opened up to about 3000 people - sold out show in Roseville. We then followed them to Corona, CA to another sold out show of about 3000. Both were church venues. Then today we followed them to Flagstaff, AZ to the amphitheater there. I'm not sure if it was sold out, but it was teeming with people- probably 3500 or so. Since it was an outdoor venue I'm sure they could always sell another few tickets, but I'm not sure where they'd have put them. :) Anyway- it was a pretty awesome three day run with Crowns. They are all great people- fun to hang with when we had a minute here and there.

Tomorrow(today) we head to Glorieta for Fuge! It begins Monday night so tomorrow will give us a chance to travel there and catch our breath a little. Actually that will be hard, given the elevation. :) Fuge will be a blast! This is actually the first fuge we've ever done. My brother and sister have been staffers at fuge a few years ago- so I know how much of a blast it is. We're pumped to be there. Pray that God will will move in the hearts of the students this week. We'll be leading worship for the morning and evening worship gatherings.

God Moment...I'm gonna save this story for another blog. Check back in a couple days. ..It's pretty crazy.

Well, I'm not a long thanks for sticking around, I'm surprised I have. But there's just so much happening out here. It's been a tough week since we left Tuesday and drove 40 straight hours to California. Yes, we drove straight there, through the night. Our mileage got worse and worse with the wind and the gas prices got higher and higher as we went West. We have paid well over $5 a gallon at some places.

Yeah... I can't wait to tell you about what happened last night and this morning. I'm still in awe...


dave pettigrew said...

guys. looking forward to hearing about the God moment. it's awesome when they happen & it reminds us of how great our God is. glad you're doing what you're doing. i'm doing it on a much smaller scale but still with the same focus.....if you're interested in hearing some music, stop by

FYI, we played Great God at our worship service this past sunday....killer stuff....

Peter said...

You guys were amazing at Fuge camp this past week in Glorieta, NM. I was able to truly worship and connect to God, and I loved learning your songs, as well as the other familiar songs you played. Thanks for being such a blessing to so many!

-Peter Schulte
Sugar Land, TX
1 Corinthians 13