Friday, December 12, 2008

Song preferences

Tuesday night in our Starting Point group that meets at our house the subject of songs on Sunday morning came up. I don't remember how it started, but someone brought up the song "You Lifted Me Out" - specifically the "Whoa" part that is sung as part of the intro and outro. It was mentioned that it is awkward and no one knows what to do during it, but they liked the rest of the song. The room was immediately divided- in a good way- it was a lighthearted discussion- many laughs. Some liked the "whoa" some didn't. It was funny though everyone just started talking about their favorite song, or un-favorite song and everyone was going back and forth. Some really liked when we did the acoustic and bluegrass type music, some like the more hymn-like songs and some like the rocking stuff. I just sat back and observed with a grin on my face, trying to take it all in.

It's funny the lengths we go to to please people, and many times it's a good thing that we try too. I've heard things like (and probably said before) that we are there to please God, not people. But I've not seen the play-list on God's ipod :), so I'm not sure what He would prefer when it comes to song selection or style. (I am certain it's an ipod He carries, though) I got a feeling He would pick music that would turn people's hearts to him and truth that needs to be in our lives, whatever it sounds like. Music changes, truth doesn't. If fifty years from now Grace Community sounds the same as it did this past Sunday, there's a big problem. Although I think the music we currently do week in and week out consists of the style and lyric that will best reach the people of Clarksville we are reaching, I'm not naive enough to think it will never change. It will, and it should. But let's do our best to keep it fun when we talk about it. (Like this past Tuesday) Music is a tool, not truth. Truth is truth, it does not have a frequency only a constant existence. I wish we could have continued our conversation in our group, it's good to get candid feedback about what we do from the stage. But we did have some material to discuss as a part of our group. I'm sure it will come up in the future and I look forward to hearing how people are responding to the music and lyrics used at Grace.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

For the record, I love the "Whoa" part! :) Now I'll be singing that song all night! haha

Anonymous said...

well daniel, i am glad to see that our discussion was positive for you. we were honestly kind of feeling like we had put you in an awkward position such as let us give you the dos & donts for us. but i am glad the bigger picture was seen in that god speaks through music to so many people, its hard to not want to hear the style or the song you know brings you closer to god. thats what i love about the music at grace, its about worship not about filling a time slot.